Marshall Amplifier Mini Fridge

Marshall amp mini fridge Marshall amp mini fridge text

Description :

Yeah, you’re 30 and still harboring dreams of being a rock star. So the fuck what? You’re just chillin’ at the ‘rents until you catch that break, right? Once the world hears your demo, ears will melt, panties will soak and you can finally tell your parents and that goddamn guidance counselor Ms. Beasely (names not changed, fuck her, she can deal with it) to suck it. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for the sheeple to wise up to the glory that is your music, you’re chillin’ frosty between [community college] classes and so is your beer thanks to this realistic Marshall Amp Mini-Fridge. Want to stick it to the man? Well, then you should probably quit your job and do something useful. Want to impress your friends with your guitar godhood without ever learning those pesky scales? Now you’re talking.

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