Flying Fuck RC Helicopter

Flying fuck helicopter Flying fuck helicopter text

Description :

The ability to fly has been one of man’s greatest achievements since someone figured out food tastes a lot better when it isn’t bleeding or writhing with parasites. Da Vinci thought up the helicopter in the 15th century, Jacques and Louis Breguet got it off the ground (thanks, 9th grade history) and Heinrich Focke created the industry (thanks, 10th grade history); now their dreams have culminated in this, the ultimate one-time joke; a remote controlled flying fuck helicopter. Seriously, don’t use it more than once. It’s really not that funny a second time. Like that same joke your grandpa tells every time you come to visit and you force a chuckle while thinking “god, I hope Alzheimer’s isn’t genetic” (spoiler: it is). But hell, it’s 30 bucks, get it. Or don’t. Like I give a flying fuck.

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