Flying Hovercraft

Flying hovercraft Flying hovercraft text

Description :

That’s right, it’s a hovercraft. A hovercraft. Remember those ads in the back of comic books that had the hovercraft designs you could buy? Yeah, this isn’t that. Those were bullshit. I even joined some stupid “sales club” going door to door selling candles to old ladies to save up the money to buy those. Guess what? You need , like, 6 vacuum cleaner motors or something. Where the hell is a 9 year-old supposed to get his hands and that? Yeah, because I got my engineering degree at Boy Scout camp. Not this time. If you’ve got oodles of cash burning a hole in your pocket, this is the toy to buy. It covers any terrain and floats (again, it’s a flying hovercraft) over any obstacle. Start saving.

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