Waterproof Pool Table

Waterproof outside pool table Waterproof outside pool table text

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I honestly never know what to do in a pool. I get all excited, dig my swim trunks (I still call them trunks, thank you) out from whatever box I jammed them in last summer, put on sun screen, etc. etc., and then I realize – pools are fucking boring. I stand in the shallow end for twenty minutes, attempt to dunk my buddies a few times and I’m done. Totally worth paying someone to clean that every week. Well, now you can actually do something in your pool; play pool. Whoa. It’s waterproof, it floats and it’s a $6,500. I could say that “it makes a perfect gift for that person who already has anything man could ever need” but you probably don’t have anyone in your life that you love six and a half g’s. Go on, buy a outdoor waterproof pool table for yourself.

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